Life gets rough. Let's smash some stuff. 

Your choice for stress-free fun

The place where we are Making Anger Managment Fun.

We all know that sometimes life can throw us curveballs, and everyone needs a way to blow off some steam. That's where we come in.

Smashinit402 is the best place to have a smashin' good time while getting rid of some of your pent-up tension. 

  • For ages 8 & up. (8-18 Parent/guardian must be present)
  • Provided on-site safety gear (eyeware,labcoat,gloves)
  • Long Pants and Closed Toe Shoes required
  • Packages for individuals or groups
  • Add-on items availbale for intensified smashing
  • Be on time for bookings. Coming early may result in waiting.

Lincoln, Nebraska's premiere Destructive Therapy For Any Occasion

$35/ Person


20 min smash time

  • 15 small glass smashables
  • 5 medium smashables
  • 1 electronic item
$30/ Person


For 2-3 people                                                                   20 - minutes of smash time

Includes: (per person)

  • 15 small glass smashables
  • 5 medium smashable
  • 1 electronic item
$150 / Session


For 4-6 people.                                                                  30 min. Smashing fun.
Includes:  (as a group)

  • 60 small glass smashables
  • 15 med glass smashables
  • 4 small electronics
  • 2 med or 1 additional large smashable
Perfect for Companies, Parties, & More

A Smashing New Way
to Relax

From self-care to company bonding, smash parties are the way to go.

  • Company Teambuilding & Bonding
  • Special Occasions
  • Just for Fun!

Where its not taboo to smash with your friends or even better, in a group.


It’ll be a smash you’ll never forget

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